Marijuana and Immigration

Scott RailtonCascadia Cross-Border Law (www. attorney Scott Railton has become one of the nation’s leading experts on Marijuana and Immigration. Earlier this month, The ABA’s Section of Criminal Justice published Scott’s latest article on the topic. A PDF copy of the article is attached.

Marijuana and U.S Immigration Law just don’t mix. Recreational use of marijuana is legal in many states including Washington State, Colorado and Oregon. Justin Trudeau has committed to legalization of marijuana across Canada by mid 2018.

Regardless, U.S. law controls in U.S immigration matters and marijuana remains illegal under federal law. The current U.S. Attorney General is a staunch opponent of marijuana.

Depending on honesty, border crossers who engage in use of recreational marijuana could encounter problems at the border. Moreover recreational use of marijuana creates problems for non-citizens seeking other U.S. immigration benefits including temporary working permits, permanent resident status, and naturalization.

Meanwhile, here’s a link an interview that Greg Boos did on the subject on Canadian radio last week: ‘Legal’ pot smokers should still be prepared for hassles at the border

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