Whatcom County Attorneys Online

One of our goals is to create ways for our local citizens to request legal assistance from local attorneys. Our emphasis is on the civil legal system and not the criminal legal system.

There are some restrictions on who can request assistance. You must certify you meet the following criteria to submit a ticket requesting legal assistance.

  • You are at least 14 years old.
  • You live in or have a legal issue Whatcom County in the state of Washington.
  • You do not already have an attorney working with you on this question.
  • You agree to tell the truth to the attorney who responds to your question.
  • You must be willing to disclose your approximate monthly income.
  • You must be willing to disclose the number of people living in your household.

By using this site you are certifying you meet these qualifications.


  • There is no guarantee that an attorney will respond to your submission. This website is one resource you can use to get help, but not a promise of help.
  • If you have an emergency then contact your local law enforcement or other appropriate first responder.
  • It may take some time before an attorney responds to you. If an attorney responds then he or she will contact you via the email address you supply.

This site does not provide legal advice. It provides legal information. If you need legal advice then you should contact a qualified attorney. One way to do that is through our Make a Request system.

To use this site to contact an attorney in Whatcom County you must first create an account and login. If you haven’t done so yet then click here to create an account.

Follow this link to read the Contact a Whatcom County Attorney User Agreement.