Claiming an FAQ

FAQ’s are a great way to help people by giving them legal information on very specific topics. A number of the FAQ’s have been added by WLL staff. You can identify this kind of FAQ because it is attributed to “WLL Staff.” If you want to claim one of them just let us know. You can supply a totally new answer or enhance the one already there. When you claim an FAQ your name and contact information will be added at the bottom of the answer.

Also note that there are some FAQ’s looking for an answer. The question is there but no answer is written for it. You can claim these FAQ’s in the same way. Just drop us a note with your answer and you will receive attribution for it.

Final note on this. All FAQ’s, both the question and answer, are subject to review by WLL staff. There is no guarantee your FAQ or answer will be posted.

Contact Robin at for more information.