Ground Rules

Ground Rules

The primary objective of Whatcom Local Law is to provide access to information about the legal system in Whatcom County, WA. In order to help assure a good experience on the part of all participants we request that everyone follow these ground rules

Behave in a Civilized Manner

  • Inappropriate content While Whatcom Local Law (WLL) maintains a relatively open forum, this is a professional site devoted to professional services.  So please, while a certain amount of passion, colorful language and even hyperbole is permissible, do not engage in name-calling, threats, harassment, lewdness, or displays of bigotry. The staff of WLL are the final arbiters as to what is, and what is not, permissible.
  • Questions: If you are seeking information then please ask questions directly related to your legal concern. The best questions are brief and to the point.
  • Answers: If you are an attorney then answering questions is a great way to help people get oriented toward solving their legal problems and to display your legal acumen. But remember: quality is better than quantity, and those asking questions aren’t looking for a sales pitch.
    • Do not simply post the statement “I Agree” in the answers and comments without any other information.
    • Avoid writing “Hire an Attorney” as your sole answer to a question. We understand this may be the correct answer for that particular question, but readers benefit from some elaboration. Explain WHY hiring an attorney is important in this case.
    • Attorneys who answer a Frequently Asked Question are free to put their name and contact information at the bottom of the answer.
  • Reviews:  Whatcom Local Law is not a forum for posting reviews or your personal opinions about another person. Comments and posts which appear to be a personal attack on another will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.

Stay on Topic
Think before you post and stay on topic. An answer doesn’t address the question is subject to removal.

We appreciate your compliance with these ground rules. While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove any content that does not respect these guidelines or that detracts significantly from our users’ experience. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may also result in the temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges.

If you have any questions, or to report any infractions, please call Robin Mullins at 360-671-2455.