03-12-2020 – Bellingham Municipal Court New Information

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Please note the following changes for Bellingham Municipal Court during this current health emergency:

No Contact Orders:

All motions to review No Contact Orders, rescissions and/or modifications, will be reviewed on the written pleadings alone with appropriate notice to opposing counsel.

No in person court hearings will be held until further notice.

Review Hearings:

Until further notice, all Probation compliance review hearings are suspended.  Pending violation hearings will be held.

FDS Reviews:

Any scheduled jail review hearings that are requests for postponement of commitment date and/or changes of address can be heard by written pleadings alone with appropriate notice to the City.

Warrant Quash Hearings:

Warrant quash hearings will only be heard on Fridays at 10:30 a.m..  No more than 10 hearings will be scheduled per week.