Information About the New Whatcom County Attorney Directory

Creating a new home for the Whatcom County Attorney Directory has taken over a year to accomplish. We’re very excited to finally bring the Directory into a twenty-first century website. Please read this page carefully as a number of things have changed.

The fundamental purpose of the directory is to assist people in need of legal representation. Towards that end, the directory is currently open to attorneys, the judiciary, and Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLTs). 

Claiming Your Profile
Most likely your profile has transferred. To claim your profile you will need your temporary password. Simply do the following.

  • Contact 4th Corner Network by phone, 360-671-2455, or email,, and we’ll give you your temporary password.
  • Use your email address and the temporary password to login and access your profile by hovering over the Home button and then clicking on Edit Attorney Profile.
  • Scroll down your profile until you see two password fields near the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your new password in each of the two fields.
  • Scroll down a little more and press the UPDATE button.
  • You can now access your profile at any time to make changes and adjustments.
  • Problem? Just contact Robin at 360-671-2455.

Claiming Your Profile is IMPORTANT
In the near future certain areas of this website will available only to attorneys and support staff who are logged in to the site. These areas include the Announcements page, the Notice of Unavailability page, and several others.

What if Your Profile isn’t There
At least four profiles did not transfer over from the old website. If you can’t find your profile then call us at 360-671-2455 and ask for Robin.

Email Addresses
One of the most important uses of the Directory is its list of email addresses. The list is used to distribute meeting announcements, memos from the courts, and a variety of other information of value to the local Bar. When you claim your listing (or if you are new and are creating a listing) you will see fields for a public email and and a private email. Keep these things in mind.

  • The public email address shows up in the directory.
  • The private email address does not.
  • If you have a shared email address for your office then put it in the public field and your private email in the private field.
  • A public email address can be used by more than one person.
  • A private email address must be unique and cannot be shared with another user.

User Name vs Display Name
We recommend using your real name as your user name. Once set your user name cannot be changed. That said, if you don’t want your name displayed elsewhere on the website (other than in the attorney directory) then you can go to the edit profile form and fill in a field named “Display name publicly as” with something other than you user name.

What if You’re Not an Attorney
Anyone related to the Whatcom County Legal Community, but who is not an attorney, is welcome to register as using the Legal Support Registration form. There will not be a public listing of people registering in this manner. Those 90 or so people who were in the old system were not transferred to the new one. To register simply click here. All registrations of this type are subject to administrative approval.