Notices of Unavailability

To place your Notice of Unavailability information on this calendar please send it to An editable file (such as a Word file) is preferred but pdf files are acceptable. See disclaimer below the calendar.

During the absences marked on the calendar, counsel will not be available for hearings, trials, motions depositions, discovery conferences or any other such appearances, and will not be available respond to any communications, pleadings requiring an answer, or anything submitted just before or during the designated period. Please refrain from scheduling any hearings, depositions, conferences, ex parte proceedings, or any other such contested matter during this period. These notices of unavailability include the time provisions in local rule WCCR 77.2. Therefore, counsel is not available for preparation and filing of responsive pleadings if the applicable period for reply includes any noted dates of absence, unless such dates of absence are excluded from the calculation of the applicable period. These dates only apply through the last date. This does not include or apply to any dates therefore. Subsequent notices may modify these dates such that any subsequent notice will be controlling. If you have any questions or concerns regarding issues that may arise during these time periods, please contact the listed attorney as soon as possible, at least one week prior to the date of absence.

Caveat emptor. This calendar is provided to the legal community as a convenience and is not intended to relieve any attorney or other person of their duties under statute, court rule, rules of professional conduct, or standards of professional courtesy. No guarantee is given or implied as to the accuracy of the information available on this calendar. Any reliance or dependence on the information found herein is at the user’s own risk.

NOTE: NOU information is placed on the calendar as soon as possible after it is provided to us. The information is also sent out in a weekly email to the Whatcom County local legal community.