Ticket Quiz

Step1:- How to create a ticket?

a. Under Whatcom County Attorneys Online Menu click on Make a Request.

Make a Request

b. On Make a Request page Fill your Form and submit the request.

c. You can view your request on My Request page under Whatcom County Attorneys Online Menu

My Requests

Step2:- How to create a quiz for new ticket?

a. In admin Dashboard Click On Quiz & Ticket Menu.

b. A list of newly created tickets will appear.

c. Select the ticket and click on the create quiz button. A new quiz will be created for selected ticket.

Step3:- How to apply for quiz?

a. Click on open requests menu.

Open Requests

b. List of all created quizs will be appear.

c. Select the quiz and apply for it.

d. A form will appear.

Step4:- How to see for Quiz’s Request?

a. In dashboard under Quiz & ticket Menu click on result menu.

b. A list will appear.

c. You can view and delete the requests.