Personal Injury & Tort Law

Many trial attorneys have rewarding careers litigating personal injury cases. Attorneys who are successful and rewarded in this practice area are skilled presenters, and enjoy the advocacy role. They represent people who suffered “damage to their person.” While that might bring to mind some late night television advertisers soliciting whiplash victims, most often, attorneys in this practice area are representing victims who have been damaged in ways that affect them for the rest of their lives. The personal injury lawyer’s job is to “prove damages,” or to maximize monetary compensation for an injured client. To do so, a personal injury lawyer will actively engage in investigation of the accident or event that caused the injury, and will almost always call upon medical and/or technical experts for testimony. They are adept interviewers, gathering information from witnesses, medical professionals, insurance companies, and victims. They are persuasive communicators, and often must know how to utilize sophisticated technology for graphics and visuals to demonstrate their case to a jury.

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