Real Estate Law

Real estate law relates to any issue involving real property. Many lawyers have a special
expertise in real estate law, while many others encounter tangential issues of real estate law in
other practice areas. Real estate tends to be a fairly technical practice area with a lot of
accounting functions and tax implications. It is common for real estate issues to be dealt with
on a regular basis by tax and probate and estate planning practitioners. Many in-house,
corporate attorneys deal with real estate issues. For example, many companies lease retail space as part of their business, purchase large commercial sites for their own office space, or lease space in their building to other businesses. Real estate lawyers also represent individuals making all kinds of real estate transactions. Title companies, mortgage companies, and other lending institutions will also hire real estate legal specialists. Government real estate lawyers may deal with issues such as condemnation and eminent domain, and are usually hired at the local level.

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