Tribal Indian Law

There are some lawyers who work exclusively with legal issues affecting Native American
tribes, Indian land and reservations, and treaties. Attorneys are found in federal government
bodies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs and The Indian Claims Commission, which hears
and determines claims against the United States on behalf of any Indian tribe. Private law firms
also have lawyers who specialize in matters relating to Indian lands and reservations, tribal
rights, and other legal issues affecting Native Americans. Additionally, specific Indian tribes,
which are recognized as sovereign entities with the power to regulate their internal and social
organization, have lawyers who may be members of the tribe themselves, and/or lawyers who
are hired as “general counsel,” to handle the legal affairs of their tribe. Public service agencies
also serve the Native American community with lawyers who specialize in the Indian Child
Welfare Act, and others who serve children, the elderly, or indigent members of the Native
American community.

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