Whatcom County District Court Civil Procedure Information

All civil filing fees are cash, money order or cashier check. No personal checks are allowed; however, business and practicing attorney checks are acceptable.


  • Civil filing: $83
  • Small Claims: $29
  • Counterclaim: Civil $83
  • Small Claims $29
  • Writ of Garnishment $12
  • Supplemental $20
  • Jury Demand $125
  • Ex parte fee $15
  • Impounds/ Dangerous Dog $83
  • AH Protection Orders $83
  • CD’s $10
  • Name Changes $166

Appeal Fees

  • Filing fee: $230
  • Prep fee $40
  • Transcript $20

Civil Motions
Civil Motions are heard every Friday @ 1:30p.m. Aside from DV, antiharassment/Stalking and Sexual Assault Protection Order Petitions, any civil motions may be calendared for hearing, including defaults judgments, supplemental proceedings, summary judgments, exparte motions.

Civil Trials
Trials are heard on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. Non Jury or Jury trials expecting to be one full day or more will need to set a trial setting hearing on the Friday motion calendar. Trial dates less than one full day (for example, brief debt collection cases) can be obtained by calling the civil coordinator at (360) 778-5408 Trial dates for Judges Grant and Elich must be confirmed by noon the Friday of the week before the scheduled trial date.

Small Claims
Small claims are heard every Thursday @ 9:00 a.m. Motions for reconsideration, new trial, to vacate a default, removal, to allow appearance of counsel, etc. which relate to a small claims matters are also heard on that Thursday morning calendar (unless otherwise authorized to be heard at a different time and date by order of the court.) Please note that mediators from the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center are usually available each Thursday Small Claims session to provide free mediation services, if both parties agree. If mediation fails, there is often still time available to have a Small Claims trial conducted the same morning. Additional information concerning mediation can be obtained at http://www.whatcomdrc.org/

Information Source: Whatcom County District Court website
Updated: 03-25-2016

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