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  • Westergreen, Sharon

  • Sharon Westergreen
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  • Westergreen Law
  • PO Box 174
  • Everson, WA 98247
  • 360-966-3800

  • 800-279-5818
  • sharon@westergreenlaw.com
  • http://www.westergreenlaw.com
  • About Sharon Westergreen

  • Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Criminal Law - Expungement, Criminal Law - Vacation, Juvenile Law, Wills
  • Yes
  • I offer a top-notch education and nearly 25 years of legal experience, most of it in criminal trial work.  Client service is a cornerstone of my practice.  I offer 24/7 availability for time sensitive situations and evening/weekend conversations.  I am also typically willing to meet clients and times and places most convenient to them, instead of simply at my office between 9 and 5.   I believe my flexible schedule, passion for my work, and earnest desire to provide excellent representation will prove valuable to anyone needing the assistance of an attorney.